What If……4 of PENTACLES shows up for you today?

Boundaries, foundations, rules and power. The Sun (how we see ourselves) in Capricorn (who we serve) extends a nod, perhaps, to the notion that if a thing’s worth doing it’s worth doing well and 4 of Pentacles arrives today to bring our attention to what it is we need in order to feel secure, grounded and whole. Earth energy (Pentacles) has the effect of planting us firmly on the ground but our King sits high above the ground, and holds his treasure close. 4 of Pentacles shows us the very fine line between hoarding and consolidating, the one bringing possessive entitlement and the other bringing practical understanding and responsibility. We’re also introduced to the sense of closing in upon ourselves and holding on tight to past injury, in order to protect against an uncertain future in an unfeeling world. A sense, then, of staying small in spite of the gold. An understanding of how the Midas touch worked against Midas in the end, turning even loved ones into gold and resulting in the loss of them from his life. 4 of Pentacles brings us to the understanding that loosening our grip on the tangible, the measurable, makes room for more and so our notion of abundance shifts. Good to get a handle on your resources. Great to share the candy 💚 xx

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