What If……KNIGHT of SWORDS shows up for you today?

A younger knight than the one we saw in July, but a Knight nonetheless and energetically just as swift and full-on. In he gallops, sword aloft and horse agog. Air rushes in with Air and our Knight considers the saving of the day. He’s following through on the lessons he’s learned and uses just a heartbeat of space to orient himself and his horse. Always responsive and often impatient, knights are focussed on manifesting the element of their suit. In this case, swords represent thoughts, attitudes and unconscious beliefs – ‘as you think, so you are’. Knight of Swords makes us aware of the ground covered in the process of making a point and learning the gig, and how the commitment to ideas and communication can bring a charge of energy. We plunge headlong into swift movement with the focus being highest good and positive outcomes. The Knight of Swords charges the dawn, that’s for sure and the Airy blast has us understanding our courage, perhaps for the first time, whilst riding on the back of fast paced change. As you think, so you are 💚 xx

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