What If……KING of PENTACLES shows up for you today?

Sometimes it’s not all about growth or expansion or manifesting. Sometimes it’s about calling it home. King of Pentacles brings us home today and adds Fire to Earth for slow, steady heat. Virgo lends a conscientious hand and the result is an awareness of what we already have around us and the reliability of our own common sense. Our King is concerned with the practical arrangements and demonstrates the principle of established work. He’s solid and trustworthy and is in a position of leadership over his kingdom and his life. He arrives to guide us into our own kingdom of self-leadership and invites us to sit, for a bit, on the throne. Perhaps even stay a while. Or move in. One thing’s for sure – our King is made of down to earth stuff and and likes it that way. Inclined to stubbornness he might be, but his greater inclination is to ask us to lean in, take the weight off and survey the quality of our security. Call it home πŸ’š xx

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