What If……DIALOGUE of BATTLE shows up for you today?

The first card in the suit, the Augury of Battle, asks us to consider how we’re being called to engage more strongly with life. This card, the second in the suit, asks us to affirm that engagement and to find a balance within it. Dialogue of Battle brings us a place of acting on advice to bring about reconciliation, to consider matters of the heart and to see both sides of a situation. It supports us to understand that engaging strongly with life means restoring harmony to fractured relationships. Dialogue of Battle shows eagle-eyed advice dispensed to the seeking Arthur, and brings the concept of soul wisdom fully to the fore. The eagle is the spiritual form of Arthur’s deceased great-nephew and the advice is to proceed with humility. The essence of the card lies in its ability to allow the authentic self to ask for help. The beauty of the card is that reflects back to us the inherent quality in all of us – understanding the true, early version of ourselves that exists underneath it all and which has the reverence to scale the mountain to hear the familial wisdom, to carry it back down the mountain and to bring it, unabashed, into our present day reconciliation process 💚 xx

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