Glance Back with……SHINING THROUGH

Energy of Sound whooshes out around us and brings us close to the power of communication, self-expression without masks and the refusal to remain underground and small. Shining Through opens up the space and shows us where we have arrived. It allows us to see the magic of symmetry and there’s more than a nod to the notion of ‘As above, so below’. Our cards of the last week turn to Shining Through and express the sentiment themselves (see below) – our unicorn brought the non conformist magic that translated through to our knight and ‘as you think, so you are’. 4 of Pentacles and its suggestion to release our grip and share the candy found full expression in the King Of Pentacles, calling it home, and exploring the quality of our security. Deliberate calm wrapped up in strength and integrity arrived with the Earth Guardian and helped us keep our heads so that, in the beautiful weave of symmetrical balance and manifestation that was this week, Dialogue of Battle found us calm. Calm enough to consider our engagement with life and let our stripped back selves listen to the voices of wisdom to bring about reconciliation. Shining Through is our mirror today. As above, so below. As you think, so you are. Light out of darkness. A Sunday Shining Through sort of a day πŸ’š xx

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