What If……MOON shows up for you today?

Intuitive Pisces and the energy of Water combine with Moon to bring us a Monday swelling into our dawn, brimming our cups with sensory information and opening us up to reflection and introspection. Moon becomes a trusted confidante and revealer of illusion, and holds a place where we can breathe into the truth behind the tales. Like a magician uncovering their secrets, Moon admits us to the magic circle of perception because we are at the stage where we understand the relationship between illusion and truth, and still trust the Mystery. Much happens behind the scenes. Much opportunity exists in the shadows. Moon supports us to set our intentions in the stars and know that their manifestation may be in a truth far from here. Moon supports us to stay in present, conscious energy whilst yielding to subconscious perception. The result is a Monday that brings clarity to sensitivities and opens the way for our feminine, passive energy to reap the rewards of illuminated memory and feeling. Happy Moonday 💚 xx

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