What If……PAGE of SWORDS shows up for you today?

Tuesday sees our young Page doing what Pages do best – channelling the energy of their suit and responding swiftly to changes. They show us transitional periods and here Earth and Air combine to pull us up the hill of learning, knowledge and choice so that we arrive at the summit, breathless with the understanding that the choices we make now, in the present, will continue to play out in our future landscapes. The Page of Swords acts quickly, takes risks and brings a child-like enthusiasm and whole hearted endeavour to the whole process. The wielded sword comes from the Ace and sees logic and reason grasped firmly with both hands. Our Page takes up the baton of the suit of Air and pushes through new ideas, greater curiosity and deeper exploration. The insistent heartbeat of truth and justice, that our Page responds so unequivocally to, underpins the whole thing and in the end we’re left to ask what it is we really want to receive and to consider if our intent around the racing up the hill is clear. The view from the summit is, after all, a swift change of scene and ours in the making 💚 xx

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