What If……GRATITUDE shows up for you today?

The energy of the brow chakra, our sixth sense, surrounds us today and asks us where we are in terms of our own awareness. Gratitude brings us to the stage door of enlightened communication and asks us to be the main player in the realisation of our self-mastery. Gratitude shows us that relationships form way before birth and that the good in any aspect of a situation is waiting to be born. Gratitude asks us to step up and let its energy keep us there. Appreciation, recognition and esteem are ours today and we get to understand that the gifts we see readily in others are ones we already have. There is no great mystery to goodness. There is no special pass required for a seat at the table. Gratitude asks us to take this knowledge on board, to let go of behaviours that limit its power and to let our heart-swell of thanks rise high on its energetic vibration. Gratitude. Where will you find it today? 💚 xx

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