What If……8 of SWORDS shows up for you today?

The clash of different blade on different blade brings news of half-finished projects and endless possibilities, locking horns and causing mental overwhelm. Mercury in Gemini should be a joy but here, in the closing phase of the suit, 8 can’t lend enough energy to the gig to see it through. Sounds like a tough card but actually there is joy here despite it all. There is the joy that comes with the relief of knowing the nub of the problem – 8 of Swords lays it bare and shows us that we’ve focussed on the detail at the expense of the whole, or that we’ve trapped ourselves with the multitude of options we’re considering. And all of these agonies of mind are accidental interferences, causing us to locate ourselves in a place we have no need to be. What a relief it is to know, then, that all is not lost, the landscape is temporary and widening our focus or limiting our options is the path to peaceful resolution. 8 of Swords arrives to ask us simply: What swords can we remove from the picture today? πŸ’š xx

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