What If……TANGLED KNOT shows up for you today?

Well changes are afoot for sure! Tangled Knot arrives today to remind us that, sometimes, we have to take a minute to understand the tangle and then take a minute to straighten it out. Or – let it develop in its own organic, natural way. I’ve decided not to use cards for the moment – it’s become a tangled knot of understanding what the rules are about ‘public domain’ images and ‘fair usage’ explanations – and instead explore Tarot, and how we come to tell our stories, through the everyday world we live in. Tangled Knot feels much like Ace of Earth to me – the seed of all things, getting ready to burst into glory, demonstrating just how different the end place can be from the starting place and how the journey is all about the process of manifesting exactly what it is we need. It talks of possibilities and promises, shows us the fruits of our labour and invites us to let our potential unfold. Our Tangled Knot today becomes Passion Flower tomorrow and in the straightening outness asks us this: Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?šŸ’š xx

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