What If……PAGE OF CUPS shows up for you today?

Think of the sound of a child laughing and imagine their dance of exited anticipation. Glimpse, for a moment, their deep knowing of their world and look up, for this is the energy the Page brings. For some, this card points to ‘plenty more fish in the sea’ and the tendency to youthful inexperience. For me, today, the Page arrives in the guise of this fabulous graffiti splashed on a wall in Lisbon, and brings the gift of wonder and joy. It’s a channelling of the notion that we are the very sea where the plenty of fish swim. The Page of Cups takes the rough with the smooth with a boundless capacity to learn and we find a moment here to consider the emotional nature of our own transitions through life. Our Page brings a child-like quality to our musings today, inviting us to remember, with grace and humour, our greatest periods of change. Or perhaps, to look with boundless curiosity at the transitions ahead, and let a smile emerge as our graffiti-Page asks: what leap of faith will you take today? 💚 xx

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