What If……VEIL shows up for you today?

Inspired by the High Priestess, today we find intuition and perceptivity, spiritual and psychic energy as players in our game. Powerful Unconscious Knowledge. The High Priestess brings all of that to bear as she sits, in the middle ground, between the pillars of Strength and Establishment. She represents the Moon’s higher aspect – that which joins the human to the divine – and is seen to be the lunar goddess, huntress and woman. Her power of enchantment supports us to encode, store and process our internal experiences in a dazzling light of privacy. And our High Priestess, weaver of the veil, is a keeper of mystical secrets, unveiling them at the right time, and rolling them out before us so we trip the light fantastic with one foot firmly on the ground. Our watery, moon related goddess turns to us today and asks: what is unveiled today that supports your next move? 💚 xx

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