What If……LAUGHTER shows up for you today?

The very best medicine with a belly-laugh being the most potent, for sure! Just the thought has us reaching for our sides in anticipation of the physical arrangement needed to jump on board! Laughing Buddha sits behind the pots and produce, endures our weathers and conditions, and minds not one bit if crows come to roost. He’s a tonic dispensed today, for those moments that seem unruly and unsettled. A tonic dispensed for those moments that seem mad and careless, and our Laughing Buddha belly-laughs it freely, happily and without complaint. It’s said a belly rub for this little one brings abundance, and how hard, really, is a belly rub to give? Funny, then, how it slips our minds for months on end………. No matter! Laughter chuckles in through the rafters for us today and in the catching of the bubbling mirth that makes our honest selves respond with truthful joy, we might well say thanks and ask ourselves what does belly-aching laughter make so much better today? 💚 xx

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