What If……THURS shows up for you today?

The Runes/Rune Energy, Jonathan Shinn, http://www.jshinncreative.co.uk

The rune Thurs for Friday! Thors-day rune energy brings symbolism resonant with tools used for cutting away that which isn’t wanted – axe or hammer are the most common (the protective god Thor carried a hammer called Miollnir) – but today the symbolism of thorn springs to mind. A thorn in our side may often seem like an irritation we endure with gritted teeth, but Thurs brings instruction about new growth following the removal of the thorn, or the obstacle. Thurs arrives today to share its energy of overcoming difficulties, of achieving progress and, in the process, gifting protection. Breaking Barriers is the title the author of the deck gives this rune, and reflects the hidden potential in all of us. Thurs brings luck and as we move through the day, the question arises: what nettles need to grasped firmly today? 💚 xx

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