What If……THE EMPEROR shows up for you today?

The Glowing Tarot, Sushila Burgess, http://www.sushilaburgess.co.uk

Power. In a word really. The Emperor sits secure in the throne of ages past. He empowers the present with the keen understanding of the rules and traditions that continue to matter. He shows up to let us know it’s ok to lay down the law and that our boundaries, rules and disciplines are ok too. Mars is in Aries here and the corresponding element is Fire. The Emperor is the Aries energy of the Spring equinox, coming to life after winter has passed. He is authority and government and his crook and flail represent force and sovereignty. Power. A nod to working out what the seat of our own power is, what it is we govern and how it is we reign. A nod to understanding about the application of order and authority and to be in right relationship with it. The Emperor. What right boundaries need to be established today? 💚 xx

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