Glance Back with……THE HERMIT

The Magic of Tarot Collection, JuliaDreamsCo

A beautiful card to glance back at our week with. The Hermit’s lantern is featured here, offered up to the constellations in thanks for the starlight it contains, and it’s the light of the star that shines back through our week. It reminds us that laughter is the best medicine and in the energy of that healing we begin to leave behind our apprenticeship and use our skills, authentically and in collaboration. It sat high in the sky with the Moon, bringing flickers of illumination to our deepest thoughts before it led the way towards magical emotional energy. And the Hermit himself guided us through to the end of the week, supporting us to grasp the nettle firmly and, in the process, establish boundaries in right relationship to our own sovereign power. And there we can pause, for a moment, and consider: what have we seen in the looking back that guides us benevolently, magnificently and compassionately into our week ahead? 💚 xx

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