What If……THE HANGED MAN shows up for you today?

The Glowing Tarot, Sushila Burgess, http://www.sushilaburgess.co.uk

Today brings Perfected Repose and Surrender to the transition we’re making from one stage to another. Neptunian energy floods The Hanged Man with mystical experiences and lends itself to association with fantasy, imagination and visionary art. The Hanged Man is often spoken about in terms of taking a break, time out, retreat etc., but today we get to do deeper. In addition to the process of Surrender, the Hanged Man suspends direction and asks us to reorient. Emerging anew, the emphasis here is on redemption without the need to pay an existing debt. In this new Age, we are passed a baton. A baton that comes through all the ages and arrives now to highlight the need to step away from self-sacrifice and move instead to a place of enlightenment. Further, The Hanged Man brings with it the need to operate from this place as a matter of course. So, we are gifted the opportunity to retreat, take time out and suspend our disbelief. We can trust our decisions and know that the end game, always, is to recognise the place we occupy and why. We can reorient, and in the reorientation phase the Hanged Man asks: Where does Surrender point you to today? 💚 xx

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