What If……ACE of CUPS shows up for you today?

Card from: The Glowing Tarot, Sushila Burgess, http://www.sushilasburgess.co.uk

An ace of a card for the first day of December and one which brings all its watery, emotional energy to the belief that connection matters. All aces represent the inherent qualities of their suit, and with the element of Water (Cups) comes the flowing nature that emotional energy attaches to most easily. Ace of Cups brings beginnings, and does so in the guise of creativity, fertility and the Divine Consciousness. Productivity, beauty and happiness are ours and the ace asks simply that we hold these experiences dear, and acknowledge the respect and dignity the energy bestows . Heart-centric, the ace extends the flow to abundant proportions, supporting embrace and union. It comes to say it’s ok to find our holy grails and ok to experience breakthroughs, successes and understandings around issues of the heart. It’s a great big bear-hug of a card, a swan-song sung sweetly and a heart-felt free dive into seizing the opportunity to express and accept love. No furious paddling beneath the surface, just the expansive exploration of where can I meet with you today? ๐Ÿ’š xx

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