What If……ING shows up for you today?

Card from: The Runes/Rune Energy, http://www.jshinncreative.co.uk

Harmony, unity and ancestral heritage are all encapsulated in this rune which sits towards the end of the deck and so brings things fully into the light. J Shinn subtitles this rune ‘Opening Doors’ which lets us lean into the idea that completions creates beginnings. Ing brings the notions of sexuality, fertility and family lines into play, with particular regard to the pleasure this creates, and the harmony and unity that results. Today, Ing invites us to access the many beginnings within our ancestral heritage and watch, for a moment, the spiralling of our DNA through the generations. It’s a nod to the idea that we have access to many lifetimes, all within the cycle of our present lifetime. It’s a rune whose energy is multi-faceted and dynamic, and it brings the surety of continuation and connection to the rich tapestry of life we garment ourselves in. Today, Ing lets us know that the foundation of all life needs respect and celebration and it may be that, in the stepping over a new threshold, we half whisper what is it that got me here today? 💚 xx

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