What If……THE UNICORN shows up for you today?

Card from: The Dreamers Pocket Oracle by Wychwood Oracle

A day to laugh out loud in delight at the sheer powerful joy this card brings, straight off the back of 8 of Cups reminding us that emotional maturity isn’t all about unicorns……… Magic, wishes fulfilled and pure unrestrained joy burst through the clouds, stretching up to all the rest beyond. The Unicorn arrives today to drive home the message that we can clap and shout and wholeheartedly own the journey we’re on. And we can revel in the excitement that riding side-saddle on the back of a black unicorn whilst searing the heavens with catherine wheels of our own energy! Hooray for feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Symbolic of power and strength, black unicorns support the dreamer of dreams to take action, to make changes in their life and, unlike their more well-known silvery-white cousins, provide a firm push through as opposed to a gentle guide. There’s a nod, also, to embracing the value of our shadow selves and going large on the work we do to honour the harnessing and integration of all our aspects. So, as we saddle up and catch a magnificent magical ride, the question that’s shouted loud is what’s the very best of you that powers your day today? 💚

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