What If……SWALLOW shows up for you today?

Card from: The Tattooed Lady Oracle by Wychwood Oracle

So many swoops and dives of options flying in on the wings of Swallow, but perhaps today the ideas of sailors and voyages and safe passages home spring most fully to mind. In this respect our swallow combines both air and water energy bringing thoughts and emotions together, before setting sail on the high seas of the next cyclical wave. Traditionally a favourite tattoo of sailors, it symbolises the belief in returning home after a long journey and has also come to represent love and affection for family and friends, triumph over adversity, and freedom. Our swallow brings full flight to our day, a treat of colour to the sky and determination to fly the course that’s calling. It’s not for caging, that’s for sure and no need – return will happen because swallows do come safely home, in the end, at the right time. Swallow brings to mind the saying ‘if you love something set it free……’ and there’s something here, in the soft strength of tiny wings that asks; what will you release today to give it safe passage home? 💚 xx

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