What If……5 of PENTACLES shows up for you today?

Card from: Trinket Tarot by Heba Elemara@Trinket Treasurez

Worry, doubt, and fear of loss come up closer inspection today, all rotating in their own orbits and all equally desirous of attention. 5 of Pentacles reminds us that not planning ahead has its own limitations and It invites us to understand that, especially when it comes our available resources, long term planning is a good idea. It’s also often thought of as the card that identifies the loneliness of separation, and today our querulous, argumentative 5 debates the issues that arise when trying to reconcile physical survival with spiritual considerations. Sometimes it feels impossible. Sometimes it doesn’t feel relatable. However, our card today reminds us that we’re halfway through the earthy energy of the suit and that this, in itself, is a place of refuge that offers respite from our physical discomfort. 5 of Pentacles arrives to help us make the transition from a place of rebelling, or feelings of injustice, to a place where there’s room at the inn. It supports us through the dizzying process and asks us, with discernment, what inequalities are you moving through today? 💚 xx

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