What If……9 of PENTACLES shows up for you today?

Card from: The Younger Self Tarot http://www.shushilaburgess.co.uk

There’s a sense of calm which makes everything the garden grow. Balance and security is perfected and the outside world reflects the inner self. Robin sings in new projects and good things to come, sitting pretty on an outstretched hand. Venus in Virgo enjoys solitary leisure, and more – the opportunity to relax and retire from the vigours of relentless doing. Caretaking, attention to detail and discretion weave in and around the picture, but focus is trained on listening, acknowledging and appreciating the innate ability to connect that sits in the palm of our hands. 9 of Pentacles reminds us that nothing goes to waste, nothing goes unnoticed, and that good luck and good management go hand in hand. 9 of Pentacles leaves us in happy in relationship with our physical world and asks us quietly: how are you enjoying what you’ve earned today? πŸ’š xx

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