What If……JUDGEMENT shows up for you today?

Card from: The Magic of Tarot Collection, JuliaDreamsCo

Judgement sounds loud, and trumpets in new beginnings, new discoveries and new perceptions. There are decisions to be made and invitations to respond to. Just as 6 of Cups asked us to refresh old memories with new emotions, so Judgement asks us to open up to the idea that old spiritual ideas can be refreshed with new ones. Pluto works with Judgement to transform, forgive and create second chances. Theirs is a compelling energy, bringing evolution and unavoidable epiphanies – a changing of the guard, so to speak. Salvation lies at the heart of Judgement and relies on us using discernment with our decision-making. We’re heralded into the process of personal awakening, as we realise the changes occurring in our personal consciousness. Judgement sees a new dawn rise on the wings of a new aeon and asks us this: what changing of the guard are you part of today? πŸ’š xx

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