What If……THE DOG shows up for you today?

Card from: The Pocket Dreamers Oracle by Wychwood Oracle

A moment for us today, to stop and recognise the energies of companionship, loyalty and unconditional support that surround us, often without us noticing and often without demand. The Dog sits quietly, alert and responsive, and in all its domesticity contains that wild echo of intuition, instinct and presence that all of us know for ourselves. The Dog reminds us that being part of a pack is important. Being present in the moment is important. Being attached to a system that thrives on togetherness is important. The Dog brings gifts aplenty for us today, not least the gifts of relationship and connection. We get to look into the eyes of the qualities we respond most positively to, and we get to understand that domesticity and the wild blend well in circumstances where one supports the other. One need not forget the other. The Dog lays all of this at our feet today and noses us gently out of seclusion. And whilst it waits the question comes: how will you open your heart to others today? 💚 xx

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