What If……7 of PENTACLES shows up for you today?

Card from: Trinket Tarot, Helba Elemara@TrinketTreasurez

Pentacles bring Earth energies which talk about the results of material change, and 7 of Earth indicates new strategies being formed, all based on understanding where we’ve come from. We’re offered choice. Do we acknowledge what we have and move on as we always have, or do we acknowledge what we have and then change it up? 7 of Earth lets us know that actually, either choice is appropriate because the hard work has been done. It lets us know that careful choice is not a once in a lifetime offer. If things don’t pan out we can choose again. Now is the time to acknowledge the effort. Now is the time to decide if the fruits of our labours are what we really need, or whether we need to put our energies elsewhere. 7 of Pentacles lays aside judgement of whether the thing is right or wrong, good or bad and asks us just to be clear about what it is we’re doing. As we move through our day we’re invited to gather the evidence that supports our choices and decide: are my efforts based on what I want or what I need? 💚 xx

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