Glance back with……COMPASS

Card from: The Tattooed Lady Oracle, Wychwood Oracle

Navigating anywhere, or anything, involves steering a course, and Compass bridges our week past and our week to come. We started with the breath of fresh air that attaching new emotions to old memories brought, and steered a course through the changing of the guard that Judgement heralded in. We explored how it would be to open our hearts whilst inviting the disciples of courage and balance into our lives, and the week closed with softer reflections about the nature of our efforts and what it is we can sleep on. Compass brings the energy of changing course as well as the energy of steering a course, and its gift lies in its ability to show true North regardless. Whilst we might move and change and navigate the many roads we find ourselves on, Compass always shows the direction we’re headed and offers safety and protection on our travels. We won’t get lost. 💚 xx

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