What If……THE EMPRESS shows up for you today?

Card from: The Magic of Tarot Collection, JuliaDreamsCo

Empress sweet talks us into the week, singing abundance and growth and creativity and no wonder, as Venus and Earth sit with her and support the reaping of rewards. The Empress commits herself to new life, whether it be a project or a business or a person. New thoughts and newly given words are put out there to grow and develop into a mighty story. The Empress is the card of gradual growth and eventual fruition and works with the coming full moon energy to encourage us to push through the final hurdles, to complete our goals and intentions, and to remember that progress over perfection is a job well done. The Empress arrives to demonstrate the grace and ease with which she touches life and to let us know that generosity can be a thing well given. She reminds us of the cyclical rhythm of life and prompts us to consider: what’s the crowning glory cycling through your day today? 💚xx

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