What If……2 of SWORDS shows up for you today?

Card from: The Glowing Tarot sushilaburgess.co.uk

Bringing in the energy of the Winter Solstice, 2 of Swords sits with arms crossed and eyes covered, swords waiting. Often seen as the card of indecision and difficult choices, today 2 of Swords uncovers equilibrium and perfect poise. The Moon in Libra supports this unequivocal stance, and intuition, rather that intellect, informs the protected heart. Often we’re invited to find balance, to achieve equal measure and maintain right relationship. Often we’re tasked with correcting the scales, but today we get to see the perspective of the fulcrum and how the choices move over its centre. Solstice energy brings a garnering of knowledge and wisdom, manifested forward towards the light and, like the fulcrum over which the shortest and longest days pass, there is a point where stillness reigns regardless. Foundational truths surface and we find our ability to see despite our metaphorical blindness. 2 of Swords shows us the decisions pending and invites us to know and accept ourselves before we lay down our choices. It’s an invitation to sing in the darkest hour and whisper in the light of dawn, knowing full well that in the end, the fulcrum will do its job. A day of equilibrium awaits and 2 of Swords asks us to hold firm to the hilts: where will you find diplomacy and non judgement today? 💚 xx

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