What If……KING of CUPS shows up for you today?

Card from: The Sorceress Tarot by S’Roya Rose

Kings bring the aspect of Air to the element of their suit and our King today combines the intellectual and rational with the emotional nature of Cups. He’s able to dive deep and hold the space. He’s happy in rolling waters and submerges himself in the mysteries of life. King of Cups brings intensity to the day and prompts us to connect with our intellectual equals. There is much satisfaction to be gained in these relationships, not least an appreciation of the ebb and flow of time. The wisdom of experience comes with our King and he counsels careful use of our personal power. We may be able to whip up a storm or create whirlpools of confusion in an instant, but being comfortable with our deepest emotions is the golden rule of this sovereign, lest issues become clouded. Creative and poetic, King of Cups arrives to fill the day with deep dreams and in the interludes asks us: how can you appreciate what you’re feeling today? ๐Ÿ’š xx

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