What If……DESTINY shows up for you today?

Card from: Rune Energy http://www.jshinncreative.co.uk

The blank rune, or Odin’s rune, arrives today with the energies of choice and control, providing us with options for a doorway or a container, or both. Step through or sit within. Either way, the decision is resolutely ours to make. Either way, destiny will be determined. The blank rune opens us up to the idea of infinite possibilities and unseen potential. It hints at things unseen and invites us to begin the process of forming our reality and shaping our lives. It reminds us of our innate abilities and intuitive understanding, and brings the circle of life into wild and half-hidden sight. Deep grounding, fiery passion and their interconnection with the stellar night, allows the cycle of belief to rotate around us. Destiny is as much about belief as anything else, and as we manage our day, our blank rune of Destiny crackles through a whisper: Always believe 💚xx

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