Glance Back with……THE SWAN

Card from: The Pocket Dreamers Oracle by Wychwood Oracle

Serenity swans in today to lift us up on the wings of transformation and afford us a higher perspective. The Swan glides back through our week and shows us transformative energies at work, from the creative crowing glory of the Empress, cycling once more through our day, to the magic of Ceremony and its unifying influence. We worked through states of equilibrium and non-judgement, finding space for our deepest feelings, before rising to the challenge of our own expertise and value in collaborative relationship with others. Destiny supported the expansion that choosing to believe brings, and through it all our Swan demonstrates her own transformation, highlighting the ceremony that underpins the ability to change, expand and heal. Serenity, today, allows for all of that to be collected, stored and understood so that we can experience the process in our own natural, organic way. Our swan asks us to consider: what transformation is taking place for you today? 💚 xx

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