What If……THE HANGED MAN shows up for you today?

Card from: The Magic of Tarot Collection, JuliaDreamsCo

Usually we get to see the Hanged Man in full, but today’s card offers up a focus point on this enigmatic archetype. Typically representing perfected repose and surrender to the transition from one stage to another, the Hanged Man also offers up suggestions of time out, retreat and watchful waiting. Typically rich in symbolism, today we focus on the tied foot and how its association with respect and reverence, humility and love play out for us. The Hanged Man suspends direction and asks us to reorient. Generally this is a whole body event. Today we get to consider where we place our feet. Today we get to look down at our feet, to engage with where we’ve planted them and to consider the direction they’re pointing. We get to understand what carries us. Respect and reverence, humility and love are focussed in the grounding, earthing experience of the foot and the correlating experience is paralleled spiritually. There is a new emergence, with emphasis on redemption without the need to pay an existing debt. In this new Age, we are passed a baton – self sacrifice gives way to the focussed, pinpoint accuracy of self awareness that allows the foot that follows to make a difference. Where will you plant one foot firmly today? 💚 xx

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