What If……2 of CUPS shows up for you today?

Card from: Trinket Tarot by Heba Elemara@Trinket Treasurez

Harmony and subtlety come our way today with 2 of Cups, not least as Venus in Cancer places our thoughts and feelings in the arena of relationships, family and love. The power of alliance fills our cups full of fluid emotional energy and celebrates inner harmony and balance. Today might have us reconciling our internal conflicts, or meeting someone halfway, or integrating options. We might transcend differences or bring about a union of opposites. 2 of Cups also points us in the direction of understanding the difference between rushing in to fix a problem, and holding space so that others access their own innate healing power. There’s a notion that balance and unity also means creating supportive boundaries, so that each may impact the other without deficit. Indeed, 2 of Cups lets us know that this so finely drawn of lines can become the path of intuitive wisdom. Potential for healing, good humour and nuanced degrees of support arrive with 2 of Cups, and as we raise our glass to cheer the day we hear the query: what healing can you support by stepping away from the fixing today? ๐Ÿ’š xx

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