What If……QUEEN of CAULDRONS shows up for you today?

Card from: The Sorceress Tarot by S’Roya Rose

Cauldrons replace wands in this deck and what better time to see the potion that’s simmering, than on New Year’s Eve. Passion and inspiration, control and careful attendance are some of the ingredients this Queen has added to the mix over the year. Combined with the emotional water energy Queens possess, the element of fire inherent in the heat required to stir the soul, brings a feast of depth and breadth. Our Queen has been getting acquainted with the best parts of herself and brings all of it to our table today. Generosity, personal power and self-confidence provide our top notes whilst underneath, the unmistakeable aromas of creativity and spontaneity support the palate to appreciate this Queen’s ultimate recipe for love of happiness. Queen of Cauldrons arrives today to encourage us to bring our best selves, our most delectable recipes, our deepest appreciation for the cauldron we’ve tended, for the adjustments we’ve made and for the finishing touches we’ve applied. We’ve made use of our resources, activated our will and nurtured our values. We understand the natural order of things and how the magic weaves through it all. Queen of Cauldrons sets the scene and asks: how will you use the passion and power you’ve developed to move from this year into the next? πŸ’š xx

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