What If……3 of CUPS shows up for you today?

Card from: The Magic of Tarot Collection, JuliaDreamsCo

Abundance, success and celebration stack up for us today, highlighting that many hands make light work and that there’s often a touch from someone that adds to the whole harvest. 3s bring activating energy and Mercury in Cancer concentrates our minds in the arenas of commerce and exchange of goods. 3 of Cups is a demonstration of how rewards are reaped when physical resources are brought together in emotional security, and how those rewards are shared. There’s an alchemy that happens when the cups are lifted. There’s an energy that’s transmuted when the collective realises the potential. Our individual starting points reach full expression when we trust enough to share with others. 3 of Cups brings the notion of ‘better together’ to our day and supports us to understand that connections yield dividends when they’re tended to, and developed. There’s a nod to the notion of making it through, of sticking with it, of having only belief when the days were darkest. There’s a fabulous song that continues to sing. 3 of Cups brings us the gift of exultation and points its finger directly at our involvements. 3 of Cups says Happy New Year and asks us: how will ‘better together’ work for you today? 💚xx

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