Glance Back with……ANCHOR

Card from: The Tattooed Lady Oracle by Wychwood Oracle

Stability and grounded energy come our way with Anchor and as we look back over our week, we see where we’ve begun to drop into what it is that’s steadfast and sure. Our Queen stripped us back so that we could see alternatives and Hanged Man brought our focus to a keen gaze, considering the goal that will sustain us. Anchor remains firm in this reflection and settles more deeply as we adjust our positions with regard to healing, carrying forward our own development and acknowledging the network of support that indicates better together. Anchor stills, for a while, so that the ship might steady. Anchor holds fast so that the percolation of thought and word and deed can complete its process and present the finished brew. Anchor gives us a moment to gaze out at the wide horizon from the security of its hold in the depths of the vast ocean. When the time comes we’ll raise the anchor, but for now anchor calls the shots and asks: where will you drop anchor today? 💚 xx

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