What If……THE SUN shows up for you today?

Card: The Fiery Wands Tarot http://www.sushilaburgess.co.uk

Life-giving energy, life-sustaining heat and radiance arrive with Sun and heads turn, for sure. A symbol of hope and rebirth, Sun represents masculine energy and the ego, and holds us in its direct gaze. We’re encouraged to do the things we need to do today, to work with our confidence and self-esteem and to embrace conscious living. Sun shines the shadows away and lets us see the power of our own inner light. It dances with courage and willpower and allows us to find the backbone of our heart, to open up to our purpose and to laugh, in the freedom that Sun brings. We find creativity and comprehension in its rays and optimism beams down. Sun arrives to remind us that its always there, that there’s a time to work in the shadows and a time to bring the full light of ourselves to the fore. As it reaches it’s height, Sun asks: how does your wisdom and enthusiasm shine bright today? 💚 xx

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