What If……6 of SWORDS shows up for you today?

Card from: The Magic of Tarot Collection by JuliaDreamsCo

Letting go and moving on are states frequently associated with 6 of Swords, and an emotional sadness often accompanies this response. Our card today, however, allows us to address the courage behind the decision as well as the thinking skills that are needed to support any kind of moving on. Mercury supports the humanitarian and futuristic aspects of Aquarius and we feel the additional benefit of the celestial star guiding the way for the waxing moon, pulling us towards a time of harmony, cultivation and co-creativity. Moving on now becomes a surge towards growth and 6 of Swords becomes a card of collective strength. 6s give us increasing energy, the top of the hill kind, and whilst the swords may seem sharp, we find hope in their tempered steel. Moving on and surging forward takes a handful of tempered thoughts and turns them into a short and swift life-changing journey. 6 of Swords arrives to ask: how are you being guided to move towards growth today? šŸ’š xx

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