What If……QUEEN of PENTACLES shows up for you today?

Card from: The Glowing Tarot sushilaburgess.co.uk

Queens bring the element of Water to their suit and today we have water nourishing earth, emotions being deeply grounded and sovereign power reigning large in our inner world. Queen of Pentacles brings trust and loyalty our way and her knowing gaze acknowledges the steps taken on our journeys. Encouraging and clear, our Queen shows us the world in our hands and passes on the baton of responsibility. There is much to think about in the business of guardianship and Queen of Pentacles gives us food for thought. Leadership by example, practical decisions and fair judgements are her fail-safes and we’re invited to plant ourselves firmly in the soul-wisdom of this worldly-wise sovereign, al least for a while. Resources are essential to success and our Queen counsels us to engage with them in the spirit of reciprocity and cyclical balance – just as water gives life to thirsty earth so that replenished earth yields its own harvest, so we must understand the awesome relationship, both in our inner and outer worlds. Queen of Pentacles guides us into our day asking: where does inspirational guardianship point you to, today? 💚 xx

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