What If……THE DEVIL shows up for you today?

Card from: The Magic of Tarot Collection by JuliaDreamsCo

Often seen as the card of excess and addiction, today the Devil comes with Capricorn to teach about the tribulations of the physical world, to offer a glimpse into the pitfalls and to support clear sight when it comes to illusion. Devil lives life in all the ways life can offer. Capricorn works hard to gain material success, and both know the effort involved in achieving their heart’s desires. Both also know the cost and so their partnership teaches us to look in the mirror with as much truthfulness as we can muster. Devil invites us to consider whether our pursuits are chains around our necks, put there by a sense of our own self-importance. Devil shows us the mischief made when advocacy is side-stepped, when boundaries are over-stepped and and when judgement, fallacy and blind ambition are stepped up. Devil understands very well that wealth and power can free or enslave. Mischief turns to humour when we learn to laugh at our own indiscriminate behaviour and our teachers leave us with the question: how will you play devil’s advocate today? 💚 xx

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