What If……QUEEN of CUPS shows up for you today?

Card from: The Fiery Wands Tarot by sushilaburgess.co.uk

Our Queen dwells in the watery realms of emotion and relationships, and dreams heart-centred energy into our day. We find ourselves in the company of intuition and compassion and an understanding of the deeply emotional resources our Queen holds in her hands becomes apparent. There’s no mistaking the nurturing quality of her nature. There’s no mistaking the care she takes of herself and of others. There’s no mistaking the healing power, the enchanting musings, freely offered. Queen of Cups knows the mysteries of Water well and uses them to reflect our own natures back to us. We delve deeper into exploring our personal energies and how they flow into the world, and Queen of Cups invites us to go deeper still, to uncover the relationship between emotion and energy and how it influences and informs our actions, perceptions and beliefs. Our Queen offers us the gifts of care and daydreams and as she passes the Cup whispers: where will empathy realise its natural flow today? šŸ’š xx

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