What If……ALGIZ shows up for you today?

Card from: Rune Energy by jshinncreative.co.uk

On gloomy days when the outlook is fixed close and the in-breath feels uninspiring, we have the option to look up. This advice was given to me years ago and Algiz arrives today as reminder of the power of the advice and the action. Primarily a rune of protection and support through difficult times, its tree-like structure allows our eyes to begin their journey from its roots, and as we look to the skies more is revealed than we thought to consider at the start. Algiz invites us to explore our inner powers of protection by increasing our awareness of the vastness of what we’re connected to, from the rooting energy of the tree to its outstretched branches, reaching up and beyond. There’s a nod to the notion of successful creative endeavours and new influences, as Algiz supports our gaze to shift, our next intake of breath to inspire and our vision to expand. We take the risk to reach up from firm foundations and as we move in that safer space, Algiz asks: what will you see when you look up today? 💚 xx

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