What If……THE HIEROPHANT shows up for you today?

Card from: Trinket Tarot by Heba Elemara

Bridging the gap between the physical and divine worlds is something the Hierophant is born to, and whilst he also epitomises establishment and hierarchy the Hierophant arrives today to teach. Often we’re told about co-creation and manifesting and it can seem as though these are processes we have to go through, or instigate Hierophant puts things in context by teaching us about the nature of relationship and how relationship affects outcomes. Hierophant teaches that in order for us to do anything, co-create, manifest, we need to be in relationship with the doing rather than taking part in a process. There’s more than a nod to the notion of having a say, listening to the response and taking the hand of what unfolds, regardless. There’s an uncomplicated belief in the dynamism of giving and receiving advice and and an even less uncomplicated belief in the rules of spiritual practice. Hierophant invites us to explore moral laws, intuition and conscience whilst also navigating obedience and loyalty. Our teacher hints at the idea of casting a fresh look at age old traditions and occupying the space that honours both. As we go through our day, Hierophant asks: what will you learn about your relationship with ‘doing’ today? πŸ’š xx

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