What If……PAGE of PENTACLES shows up for you today?

Card from: The Sorceress Tarot @S’Roya Rose Emporium

Pages channel energy and bring wisdom beyond their years to bear. Earth meets earth with the Page of Pentacles and the result is a deep grounding into the realisation that, just as Pages channel and work with energy, so can we. Our Page looks to the distant high horizon and sees the matter in hand that needs close inspection. She sees the possibilities that open up around it and she acts as a catalyst for change. Page of Pentacles invites us to refresh our knowledge, dust off our frocks and step into a world where we understand both risk and reward. Newly practical, quietly cautious, this Page stands tall in the grounds of old tradition and weaves gentle grace through the tapestry of her story. Hers is a new one to tell and she does it with common sense and resourcefulness. Page of Pentacles arrives to breathe new life into our physical resources and there’s a nod to the notion of seeing it as it is, right in front of us, with brighter eyes and youthful strength. Page of Pentacles leaves us in a place where we listen differently and turns to ask: what information is newly landing with you today? 💚 xx

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