What If……THE HANGED MAN shows up for you today?

The Glowing Tarot, Sushila Burgess, http://www.sushilaburgess.co.uk Today brings Perfected Repose and Surrender to the transition we're making from one stage to another. Neptunian energy floods The Hanged Man with mystical experiences and lends itself to association with fantasy, imagination and visionary art. The Hanged Man is often spoken about in terms of taking a break,... Continue Reading →

Glance Back with……THE HERMIT

The Magic of Tarot Collection, JuliaDreamsCo A beautiful card to glance back at our week with. The Hermit's lantern is featured here, offered up to the constellations in thanks for the starlight it contains, and it's the light of the star that shines back through our week. It reminds us that laughter is the best... Continue Reading →

What If……THE MOON shows up for you today?

Fiery Wands Tarot, Shushila Burgess - http://www.sushilaburgess.co.uk A day of sensory information that invites reflection and introspection. Moon becomes a trusted confidante and revealer of illusion, and holds a place where we can breathe into the truth behind the tales and understand the relationship between them. Like a magician uncovering their secrets, Moon admits us... Continue Reading →

Glance Back with……MANN

Rune 19, bringing energies of physical manifestation, leaves us in no doubt that we need to get the gig when it comes to being human. Mann, looking curiously contained here, asks us to burst out of our limited selves and work with the nature around us, with the mankind around us. This rune wants us... Continue Reading →

What If……VEIL shows up for you today?

Inspired by the High Priestess, today we find intuition and perceptivity, spiritual and psychic energy as players in our game. Powerful Unconscious Knowledge. The High Priestess brings all of that to bear as she sits, in the middle ground, between the pillars of Strength and Establishment. She represents the Moon's higher aspect - that which... Continue Reading →

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