Intuitive Readings

An intuitive reading is a one-off guided session that incorporates Let’s Talk, Tarot’s philosophy and system of support – Tarot Life Coaching – within an intuitive and healing practise. Essentially, you lead the way in terms of what you feel you want to look at or address and Jo will work with you towards understanding:

The nature of your enquiry – looking at the various layers that can make up the initial question.

The aim of your enquiry – what you feel you want to gain from the session.

The voice of your story – discovering what elements you can take away and fit into your new perspective.

You may also want to have a one-off session with no particular question in mind. You may be curious about how this system of support can guide you to imagine possibilities or begin the journey of understanding. This is also a perfect way to approach Let’s Talk, Tarot! Where better to begin than unpacking what you bring with you, to discover the thing that matters most at that time. As with a specific enquiry, your voice will lead the way and Jo will work with you towards gaining an understanding of the questions raised during the session.

Guided sessions are managed and delivered by way of intuitive practice. This means that Jo will work with you in a way that encourages you to listen to yourself and respond to both the spoken and unspoken words that often sit in between questions. Intuition is a way of communicating that everyone has and Jo allows the space to be free for this to happen. Intuition is also referred to as ‘gut instinct’ and Jo shows how this can be resourced when exploring queries in the reading session.

Guided sessions typically last for one hour and are £45. They can incorporate (amongst other things) elements of astrology, numerology, or energy work. Oracle cards and various tarot decks can be used during the session. The essential element, however, is you and the understanding that your session is about how you choose to benefit from the Tarot Life Coaching offered by Let’s Talk, Tarot.

To book an intuitive reading session please head over to the contact page.

I really look forward to working with you.

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