Card Decks & Other Tools

Ah! A wonderful place to browse and cast your eyes over. My advice here is to choose the things you feel are right for you. As with books, the world is awash with these resources so dive in and feel the vibe! My personal favourites:

Tarot Decks

Thoth Tarot, Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot, Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot, Fiery Wands Tarot


As with Tarot decks there are so many variations to choose from. I work with 2 sets, one made from clay and one made from glass.

Oracle Cards

Oracle of the 7 Energies (Collette Baron-Reid), Goddess Guidance (Doreen Virtue), Witches’ Wisdom (Meiklejohn-Free & Peters), Wisdom for Healing (Caroline Myss), Chakra Wisdom (Tori Hartman), Angels and Ancestors (Kyle Gray).

Crystals and Pendulums

Yes please! My collection has grown along the way………..

Candles, tuning forks, and sound bowls fill the spaces in between, along with incense and smudging and meditations and the like!

The wealth of support that these resources can offer is immense. There is also the school of thought that none of these things are needed to experience self-development and growth and yes, I agree. However, I love them! As always, your journey is unique and you’ll collect what matters to you, if that’s your thing.

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