Extra Little Things

There are and have been a huge number of things, people and experiences that have supported and inspired me along the way. My intention with this section is to share some of these things with you so that you get a glimpse of the wealth available to you from many different areas. Also, my journey this far has often been a case of searching for what interests me and following my nose a lot of the time. I would have loved to come across a place where signposts were stored, where I recognised the language of my life for the first time and where I could, at the very least, anchor for a bit. So this section is also dedicated to your journey by way of offering signposts for you to further your own growth and development. It is a tribute to the process of Empower, Understand, Transform and Heal that underlines everything that Let’s Talk, Tarot – Your Voice, Your Story – strives to support and encourage in everyone.

The world is indeed in your hands. Have a look and take what you need. Pass the rest on. Learn as much as you can and use your learning to further truth, compassion and empowerment. Be accountable to yourself and love others. Roll out the red carpet for yourself every now and then. Enjoy your discoveries and trust yourself to find the right path for you.

My unwavering thanks and love to everyone who has, at some time or another, inspired me, believed in me and had my back. You are all awesome.

Always believe


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