6 week Guided Programme

Tarot Life Coaching

Your Voice, Your Story

‘There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you’

– Maya Angelou

We all have stories. Our lives are made up of stories. They come from the past, make up the present and shape the future. They have a huge bearing on who we think we are. Our stories can be marvellous.

Often, however, they can leave us simply not knowing who we are or what we have to offer – to ourselves, to others and to our world. Our stories can leave us feeling small, depleted and without direction. This guided programme helps you uncover the ’truth’ of those stories so that you can begin the process of creating the narrative that supports Your Voice, Your Story.

What are your stories? Where did they come from? Are you telling you story? Or is someone else?

What if you could change your story and tell it your way?

Imagine the Possibilities

Your Voice, Your Story provides a space for you to bring your curiosity about who you are to the fore, and to begin the process of looking at your stories and understanding your voice in them.

The 6 week programme will support you with looking at:

Stories and where they come from; Understanding what’s yours and what’s not

Beliefs and ‘truths’; Birth and Soul Tarot placements; Strengths and Weaknesses

Creating the narrative; Your new story, your authentic voice

Over the course of 6 weeks Jo will work alongside you to support you to voice your questions and explore the paths to your answers. There will be time for self-reflection and ‘home study’ will form an essential element. There will be time to discover some of the tools and techniques that work best for you. Jo’s intuitive practise will aim to encourage the intuitive in you to emerge, and will guide you as you begin to discover a narrative that embodies your authentic voice. The programme utilises Let’s Talk, Tarot’s system of support – Tarot Life Coaching – throughout and stays true to the commitment of aiming to Empower, Understand, Transform and Heal.

Learn how to access all that you have to offer

Many people have specific stories they want to navigate. Many people don’t. Your Voice, Your Story allows both.

With commitment, curiosity and courage you can uncover Your Voice in the telling of Your Story

Please get in touch with Jo via the Contact page for more details, and to discuss the suitability of the programme.

Programme price – £290

Your time is now

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